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What’s the Best Internet Marketing Strategy?

Businesses share many of the same goals like: using limited resources efficiently, maximizing return on investment (ROI), minimizing cost per lead, and minimizing customer acquisition costs.

With those concepts in mind, the best internet marketing strategy depends on your product/service, vertical market, etc. There’s no standard, one size fits all, solution that works for every business.

There is no one size fits all internet marketing strategy.

While social media might work best for one business, search engine optimization might work better for another business. It all depends on which strategy – or more likely, combination of strategies – result in the highest ROI and lowest lead/customer acquisition costs.


On average, how is inbound traffic distributed across industries?

According to a recent study by, nearly half of all inbound traffic – approximately 47% – comes from organic search visits. Paid advertising is driving 6% of inbound traffic, while social media accounts for only 2%.

Best Internet Marketing Strategy


Traffic Broken Down by Industry

Best Internet Marketing Strategy


What lessons can be gleaned from this study?

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  • Organic search is the main traffic driver for most industries. Your internet marketing strategy should probably emphasize SEO.
  • Paid search makes up a relatively large proportion of some industries internet marketing budgets (e.g. Travel/Hospitality).
  • Social media only makes up a relatively small proportion of traffic drivers.


What internet marketing strategy should your business take?

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